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(SPONSORED CONTENT) Travel retailing needs an upgrade. It’s been too complex for too long, and our industry is ready for change.


(SPONSORED CONTENT) Travelport+ is here to simplify how travel buyers, sellers, and customers connect. This platform brings you more content, better retailing capabilities, and the best value. It opens up a world of choice through flexible, easy-to-manage connections to multiple content sources — including new channels like NDC. And it makes selling trips easier, faster, and more profitable for everyone, with new user-interfaces and cutting-edge merchandising features.

All of this and more is made possible through one next-generation platform, one agent desktop, one set of APIs, and one AI and data-driven distribution channel.

What customers say about Travelport+

“Travelport’s ability to deliver an end-to-end NDC solution and the features in its platform are key drivers for extending our partnership.” – Neil Geurin, Managing Director of Digital and Distribution, American Airlines

“Upgrading to Travelport+ has been a game changer. The process was simple and had an instant, positive impact on our business.” – Gabrielle Carr, COO, The Appointment Group

“Since we upgraded to Travelport+ our online business has grown by 30%.” – Faisal Butt, Managing Director, Perfect Holidays

“What’s really impressive is how fast Travelport+ is moving forward. They thought of everything and came to the table ready to get started. Travelport+ is a game changer. It’s distrupting travel and bringing it to a world-class level.” – Monique Mardinian, CEO, Encore Travel

It’s time to say goodbye to complexity, and hello to simplicity. Join us as we embrace the future of travel retail.


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